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Wiskoza and flax - what is this material?

Today you will meet an unusual duo which is a mixture of flax and viscose. It is a combination that is perfect for sewing all kinds of clothes and decorations. The material will help us to cope with high temperatures. The advantages of natural and man-made fibres make the wearing comfort much greater. The pleasure of wearing summer creations increases if we feel good about them.

Viscose properties

The wiskoza is made of artificial fibers. Its key building block is cellulose. Modal (ordinary wood), bamboo, sibon (coniferous wood) and tensel (ekvalipt) are used as raw materials for cellulose production. It is attributed to man-made fibres, which are formed from natural components. Its production at the beginning resembles the production of paper. Under the influence of many technical processes, this material acquires its characteristic properties.

Is chizosis a natural material?

Viscose fibre has been assigned to artificial fabrics, but this is not entirely true. It is neither a synthetic nor a natural material. It is a fiber produced artificially from natural resources.

The fabric made of 100% viscose is soft, lightweight. With its properties it can remind us of cotton, because it is very nice to the touch. It is nicely laid on the body, it is slightly ingaling. Viscose clothes are breathable and above all airy.

Artificially produced fibres can be mixed with natural fibres very easily. This is how the material was created, which is a mixture of flax and viscose. The design itself is a chameleon among fabrics! You can give it silk features such as gloss or wool for example fluffy. The fabric is very airy and skin-friendly. The design is similar to natural fabrics and acquires the best properties of natural fiber. In this way, viscose properties such as hygroscocopy, color saturation and durability are similar to natural ones.

Flax with a wisco for the summer

Flax by nature gives a feeling of coolness and is very easy to care for. The viscose content makes the material not crease as much as a fabric of pure flax. The clothes are pleasant to the touch and are wonderfully laid out. Thanks to the fact that the material is wonderfully light and extremely durable.

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Italian fabric in light beige color with a dark pomegranate pattern. A mixture of flax and viscose - a very good species. Fabric inelastic, heavy, slightly rigid.

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