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Color of multiproducts


Signed yellow lining

Italian viscose lining in yellow, signed with the name of the well-known Fashion House. Soft fabric with a smooth weave, with a slight shine. Perfect for lining a costume, jacket, jacket or coat. Composition: 100% viscose

Silk lining - brown

Italian, thin lining 100% silk habotai type brown. Habotai is one of the most luxurious silk fabrics. It is extremely thin and soft and at the same time airy, thanks to which it is practically imperceptible when worn.


What should be the characteristics of a good lining fabric? In our opinion, quality is key – whether the linings are viscose, silk or cotton, they should be durable. This is an irreplaceable finish not only of coats and jackets, but also of evening creations and handbags, which is why it is so important to durable material for elastic linings. We offer a wide range of carefully selected fabrics available in beautiful colours and patterns – the photos on the site perfectly reflect reality. The online fabric shop is a high-quality lining material that weimport from Italy and Spain, among others. With our help, finishing any creation will be a pure pleasure! Remember that the wholesale fabric in Poznań is not only viscose, shiny fabric for linings, but also natural silk and silk satin,which impress with subtle beauty and quality.

Shiny lining fabric – how to choose?

The devil is in the details, so even the lining material requires attention on your part. Noble style of tailoring involves maintaining the quality not only of the outside of the clothes, but also in its inner layer. Viscose, silk and cotton linings provide a perfect finish to the creation, thus guaranteeing a visually refined effect. A well-chosen lining material is responsible for the natural laying of clothes, so do not save on quality. The elastic lining provides additional protection for the main fabric,strengthening it and thus extending its service life. The best solution will be to choose a material that is friendly to our body, that is, well regulating the temperature and absorbing moisture. Can lining fabrics be patterned? As much as possible! In this way, you will give your clothes an individual character and show the world that you can play with fashion. From our warehouse with a clear conscience we recommend silk and cotton linings, but also a safe choice will be viscose linings.

What to look for when buying clothing linings?

No matter how shiny the lining fabric will be, choose those models that have a good composition. Adjust the thickness of the material according to what you need a clothing lining – coats and jackets require a more durable lining than light dresses for summer and spring. If you sew extremely stretchy clothes (e.g. with a strech), make sure that the pillowcase is elastic. Only the proper fit of these two layers ensures optimal flexibility of a given thing. In our online store you can easily order both linings in the hurdleand materials in the amount necessary for a private person. Trust our experience and choose lining fabrics that are characterized by the high quality and strength necessary in the inner layer of the clothes.