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Questions and Answers

1. What is the minimum amount of fabric I can order?

In our store, purchases start from even 10 cm, which allows you to order the exact amount of fabric you need, e.g. 0.1 m 0.5 m 1.3 m etc.

2. What if I am unable to make a payment?

The system does not want to allow you to pay if:

- customer details have not been filled in correctly

- the appropriate consents and acceptance of the regulations have not been marked

In this case, please check that you have performed the above steps correctly.

In the event of further failure, please contact us by phone at +48 516 019 759 or by e-mail: sklep@izpol.pl

3. How long does it take to process my order?

After receiving the order and payment on working days (Monday-Friday), the package is immediately prepared and, if possible, shipped on the same day or the next. So the implementation takes 1-2 business days. The delivery date, however, depends on the work of courier companies.

4. After going to the next page, the page goes down (shows products at the end)

If you want to go to the top of the page, click on the arrow on the right side of the screen, which will immediately direct you to the top of the page.

5. Can I order more and get a better price?

Of course, it is possible - with orders for higher amounts or large quantities of a given item. For this purpose, please contact us by phone or e-mail (tel. 516 019 759, sklep@izpol.pl)

6. Do Izopol fabrics cooperate with wholesalers, workshops and tailors?

Yes, of course - please contact us by phone or e-mail

7. Is the entire offer of the store available on the on-line website?

No, in our Izopol stationary store at Głogowska 261 in Poznań, we have a much larger offer of fabrics and haberdashery. We invite you to visit stationary.


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