Choosing a fabric

Please select All Fabrics, Strands or Promotions on the top screen bar. The News tab shows products added less than 7 days ago.

Then select a category: E.g. Silks, Jacquards, Chanel type, applications, etc.

You will be shown a list of products if the images do not want to load, please update your browser or change it to Google Chrome, Mozilla or Opera.


You can then select the filter on the left – pattern, colour, flexibility, width or purpose.

Filters within one group (e.g. category, category |composition,composition ) are added, that is, selecting the category Silk and Jacquard show all silks and jacquards (620 fabrics) Link

Filters between groups (e.g. category, composition | pattern, color) are delistened / narrowed that is, if you want to see silks in geometric patterns with red color, we will mark Category: Silk, Pattern: geometry and Color: red. Such products for May 2020 will be only 2. Link If we want to increase the number of products we can select an additional filter within an already selected group e.g. Pattern: geometry and Pattern: flowers/plants. The number of fabrics will increase to 16. Link How do we add a filter from a new group eg. Flexibility and select Not elastic again we will narrow the number of products. There will be only 5 of them.

The possibilities are infinite quantity. We invite you to experiment.

remark! Not every fabric is assigned a Pattern and Flexibility filter.

search engine

If the filters are not sufficient or you want to find a fabric with a known ID number (e.g. you got a sample from us) please use the search engine (magnifying glass icon at the top of the page). The search engine works in part or typing the word "Silks" will find only products with this phrase e.g. flax with silkm. Typing the word "Silk" will find both Muslinsilk -fabric and BatystSilk no-Cotton and the aforementioned linen with silkm. Typing 4655 finds a passover tape number 44655.

Browse and favorites

Please open the product card and add the product to your favorites (add button to favorites or heart in the picture of the fabric) or to the shopping cart. To add a product to favorites, you must be a registered and logged-in user. This ensures that the fabric will always be assigned to your account and will not "escape" anywhere.

Free samples

If you are not sure how the fabric actually looks, please call (number at the bottom of the page and on the product page) during business hours (9-17). We have 30 years of experience and we know how to explain and describe the fabric very accurately. If you would like to know the exact color of the fabric we will send you a sample. Please go to the SAMPLE page or fill out the form available on each product page (under the add to cart button).

Fabric, knitted fabric and materials for meters and centimeters

In our shop you can buy fabric every 10 cm e.g. 1.10 meters current, 1.2 mb, 1.3 mb, etc. Please enter the desired value manually or use the +-buttons.


To choose a lining, please go to All Fabrics and select the lining categories


use the form in the Samples tab


write a request to choose the lining in the comment on the order placed, through the contact page,send an email to or call.

Responsive on mobile devices

Our online store was created using the latest technologies. This allows product thumbnails, menus, filters, etc. to take on different looks and sizes depending on the size of the device you are using.

It is also equipped with put-away image loading technology (flashing droplets on fabric thumbnails). This allows your device to download photos that are only visible at any given time. The All Fabrics page displays 48 products at once, however, thanks to this technology, only visible photos such as 4 for computers and tablets / 1-2 for phones are downloaded at the beginning of the page loading. The rest of the photos are downloaded as you scroll down the page. Thanks to this, we increase the speed of loading our website and limit the data transmission on your device. However, this technology requires the latest versions of browsers. Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera. Internet Explorer is not supported. Problems may also occur on older safari devices with version 10.0 < iPad 1.