Maintenance of other fabrics

Knitted fabrics with the addition of wool and cashmere:

Hand washing and without soaking are recommended in gentle washing agents containing lanolin at temperatures up to 30 degrees, without mechanical centrifugation.

Fabrics, dressed and coated, with wool and cashmere:

Please clean chemically.

Washing viscose, cotton, flax

Due to the fact that natural fabrics tend to shrink (from 5-8%)

before sewing, we recommend decatization- soaking the fabric at a temperature of 40 degrees, after drying ironing with an iron.

Jacquards and chanel fabrics

Jacquard and chanel fabrics are usually woven from different threads, so we recommend chemical cleaning


Hand washing or washing machine at temperatures up to 40 degrees, gentle spinning to avoid creases.

Velvets / Velours:

We recommend chemical cleaning.

Washing in very gentle means, gentle centrifugation. After drying, you can carefully brush the fabric "under the hair"