Markings and types of fabrics

Often when buying a fabric we come across markings on labels or beams. We present you the characteristics of fabrics.

Viscosefabric (viscose) made of viscose fibre obtained as a result of chemical treatment of cellulose. The cellulose used in the production of viscose fibres is obtained from cleaned wood pulp, typically from coniferous trees, sometimes deciduous. Viscose fabric is a breathable fabric.

Designations and symbols:
VI: Viscose - viscose

Silk fabrics are made of fibres of animalorigin (proteins) obtained from the cocoon of mulberry silkworm or oaksilkworm. The most noble fabric of all kinds of fabrics. Airy, breathable beautifully shimmering.

Designations and symbols:
SE: Seta - silk

Wool - natural fiber obtained from the hair coat of sheep, llamas, camels, goats, rabbits and others. Wool fibre has characteristic features (crimped, scaly, lanolin) which make it ideal for the manufacture of high quality, textile products.

Designations and symbols:
WO/LW - sheep's wool
WV - lambswool
WS - cashmere
WK - camel wool
WM - mohair
WP - alpaca