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Cotton Shirt Coupon

Italian shirt cotton in a coupon measuring 135 cm * 150 cm. The motif of golden ornaments and colorful seafood on the background in blue, cream and orange. The coupon is trimmed with an orange border with a black pea motif.


Original printed cotton is a great way to diversify your wardrobe. Our fabric wholesaler in Poznań offers multi-colored cotton fabrics per meter with various patterns. You will find many interesting patterns and colors that will match any cut. Printed cotton fabric will allow you to sew a unique checkered skirt or an original leopard shirt. Thanks to it, you will create original clothing, which will emphasize your good taste and sense of style.

Printed cotton – let your imagination run wild

Cotton in patterns is a material with which you will design many unusual and stylish clothes. It will also be a wonderful fabric for creating accessories and accessories for the apartment. You can sew from it, for example, a pillowcase in polka dots or a bag with flowers. Printed cotton is ideal for children. Thanks to it, you will create colorful children's clothes or original bedding for your child's room. Patterned cotton fabrics offer much more possibilities than smooth cotton, although both of these materials complement each other perfectly. Clothes made of them should be combined in one creation. For example, a one-color simple blouse in combination with a colorful skirt will look very stylish, for which you will use patterned cotton. These fabrics should be durable to serve you as long as possible. Therefore, we encourage you to buy them at proven points such as our online fabric store.