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Wedding fabrics

Shantung silk - cream

Italian fabric 100% silk shantung type in cream color. Shandong is a type of silk fabric made of raw yarn, with characteristic irregularly distributed, lumpy thickenings (decoratively threaded yarn) in the weft. It has a slightly rigid, plastic structure.


Silk satin duchesse - cream

Italian satin 100% silk duchesse type in cream color. Duchesse fabric is a combination of satin and taffeta in one fabric. It is made of many layers of delicate silk fibers, which create a soft texture in the cross-section of the fabric and give shine, although the fabric itself has the rigidity of taffeta. On the one hand, it is smooth and shiny like satin and on the other slightly shimmering, resembling taffeta. It is characterized by a subtle, pearly sheen, and at the same time it is plastic - it retains the shape given to it.


Wedding lace ecru

Beautiful, delicate wedding lace in ecru color. The motif of small flowers, which thickens at the edges - at the top it is 10 cm wide and at the bottom about 50 cm. The lace is finished on both sides with a fine tooth - we sew it peripherally.

Narrow ecru lace

Beautiful, delicate lace in ecru color - elastic. An interesting motif of twigs and flowers, which thickens at the country. The lace is finished on both sides with a decorative tooth - we sew it peripherally. Width: 90 cm


High-quality wedding fabrics are all you need to create the perfect creation for the most beautiful day of your life. We offer, among other things, silk chiffon, wedding lace and silk jacquard, which impress with aesthetic workmanship. These are fabrics of thehighest quality, which will be great for wedding creations. We import materials from Italy, among others, from manufacturers who, like us, put quality first. Thanks to this, you can order not only beautiful, but above all durable wedding fabrics,in which every detail is made with the same care. Our fabric wholesaler in Poznań also offers pasmanteri wedding applications for elegant creations.

Exclusive wedding fabrics – a wide selection

We are well aware of how difficult it is to find the right material for the dress, which is why we carefully select wedding fabrics available in the wholesale. At the same time, we provide a wide range of wedding laces and jacquard fabrics, because we know how important it is for our customers and customers to choose freely. Moreover, in the online store Izpol you can easily order a free sample of wedding material – the peace of mind of the future bride is a priority. Not sure which fabric works best for your design? We are happy to share our knowledge and many years of experience – take advantage of this! We will tell you which wedding laces will best meet your expectations.

Dream wedding dress – the most beautiful fabrics

Every bride dreams to make the day of her wedding look special. Her dress should be properly selected not only for the figure and beauty, but also for the nature of the celebration. Therefore, wedding creation requires a suitable design. The most popular cuts include princessa, empire or fish. Each of them has its own supporters, who decide on just such a fashion wedding dress. In addition to the cut of the dress, wedding fabrics are also very important,from which it will be sewn. The most common choices of young women include:

  • Lace
  • jacquards,
  • tulle,
  • Satin.

Materials for wedding dresses are available in different shades of white and ecru,sometimes with the addition of gold or silver. Among the many available patterns and colors, each bride will find the fabrics that best fit into her dress design.

Not only materials for wedding dresses

Our online fabric shop offers not only carefully finished fabrics for wedding dresses, but also other products that delight with beauty. Available here are

We offer fabrics in many patterns, weights and colors, so you can easily choose the right material for you. Wondering if wedding fabrics per meter can be bought at a good price? yes! Our wholesaler makes sure that the materials are not only excellent quality, but also available in a reasonable price range.