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Natural linen fabrics are an excellent alternative to synthetic and artificial materials that have dominated the fashion world in previous decades. A professional fabric wholesaler in Poznań provides access to high-quality materials, thanks to which you will create clothes that allow the body to breathe. At the same time, flax per metre is one of the strongest and most persuasive raw materials used in the clothing industry. Linen for dresses are unusual properties that are difficult for other materials – pleasantly cooled in summer, and warms in winter. Our online fabric shop is a unique place to guard quality. We carefully select the flax per meter,so you get an excellent quality product, available in a wide range of colors and a wide price range. Before making a final decision, you can order free samples of linen fabrics. The offer also includes natural silk and silk satin – materials as noble as linen for dresses.

Why wear linen fabrics?

Polish brands for several years have consistently proved that linen fabrics are worth our attention – by ordering linen for meters, you can create a creation yourself (or with the help of a tailor) to meet your needs and safe for the body. Flax is a natural fabric that will be appreciated by all people struggling with skin problems. At the same time, the material does not electrify and ensures constant air circulation, making even the biggest heat more tolerable. Contrary to appearances, linen is a fabric for meters, which is also perfect for winter – breathable shirts or dresses with an admixture of cotton are a counterbalance to warm, but artificial materials. The undoubted advantage of linen fabrics is also that with each subsequent wash they become softer and softer, while remaining durable and durable. It is certainly impossible to say this about many low-quality materials, hence the popularity of linen clothes produced by Polish brands is understandable.

Wide selection of linen fabrics in the Izpol online store

The extensive assortment is extremely important to us – the multitude oflinen fabrics makes our online store a place of supply for the most demanding customers. We offer, among other things, linen with an admixture of cotton, silk and viscose, so you can easily create clothes with properties tailored to your needs. Choosing a high-quality linen material, you can be sure that the sewn shirts, dresses or shorts will stay with you for years, so you can confidently trust our wholesaler. For years we have been obtaining fabricsfrom the best creators, because our priority is quality – not along the way with chain clothes, which after only a few washes lose their form and color. Not sure which material to choose? Contact us – we offer good advice based on experience and a friendly approach to customers.