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Silk satin available in our online store is an ideal fabric not only for stylish clothes, but also decorations and interior items. It is delicate, soft and nice to the touch, but at the same time very durable. No wonder it enjoys a lot of customer interest. In our online fabric shop, silk satin is available per meter, at an excellent price. We invite you to place orders!

Silk satin – high quality in our wholesale

We offer our customers only the highest quality materials, because we want to create clothes that are durable and visually beautiful. As a fabric wholesaler in Poznań with many years of experience, we know how to choose products for our offer, so as to meet the expectations of all customers. We have both smooth and patterned satin – among the many available motifs, each person will be able to find one that fits perfectly into their style. To make your shopping easier, use our search engines – filters will improve the search for your dream pattern. However, the biggest advantage of visiting our store are friendly prices, thanks to which you will order silk satin for meters, without burdening the budget.

What fabric is silk satin?

Fabrics made of silk suchas satin are characterized by smoothness, lightness and delicacy, which makes them considered noble products, arousing understandable associations with famous fashion houses. Like flax, silk satin per meter does not cause skin irritation, which will surely be appreciated by any allergy sufferer. The fabric protects the skin from the effects of solar radiation, but at the same time it can turn yellow as a result of excessive exposure to sunlight, so avoid drying satin fabrics in full sun.

Available in our wholesale satin pattern will work as a fabric for light, airy dresses, eye-catching skirts or styling accessories such as scarves and scarves. How to combine silk satin with other clothes? An excellent solution is non-obvious combinations – a delicate satin dress and a heavy woolen sweater along with massive shoes will create a styling that is characterful, but not without femininity. Satin smooth will also be great in the company of jeans, which due to its versatility does not impose restrictive fashion schemes.

Lots of fantastic materials

Silk satin is just one of the categories available in our online store. We also recommend other fantastic materials such as natural silk. We have a wide range of exclusive products that will surely appeal to all lovers of fashion and tailoring. In case of any doubts, we recommend ordering free samples with delivery to the address indicated, so you will see for yourself how good quality material you are dealing with. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the assortment and purchase silk satin.