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Tiul granatowy w kropeczki

Włoski, miękki tiul elastyczny w kolorze granatowym z motywem welurowych kropeczek ze srebrną nitką lureksową. Tkanina cienka, miękka - idealna do uszycia bluzki lub sukni wieczorowej.
zł110.70 per m price


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Siatka jedwabna dwuton

Włoska tkanina 100% jedwabna o splocie siateczkowym, utkana z nitek w dwóch kolorach: pomarańczowym i szarym, tworząc efekt dwutonu. Tkanina cienka, transparentna, zwiewna, bardzo delikatna i lekka.

zł36.90 per m price


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Wedding tulle with...

Italian wedding tulle in cream color, the background embroidered in the motif of flowers and leaves (18 cm) - decorated with silver lurex thread. The width of the fabric is 70 cm - we sew it peripherally.
zł61.50 per m price


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Mesh fabric

We present an interestingly woven wiscoza in the form of a mesh-lace in ecru and beige color. Application according to the fantasy of the person sewing :)
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Tulle patterned - coupon

Flexible polyamide tulle in print. Lightweight fabric, perfect for dresses or blouses. Appears in the coupon. We recommend to measure the amount of fabric per circumference.

zł11.07 per pc Regular price zł22.14 price

Tulle is a decorative material produced primarily from cotton,silk, polyamide and polyester. It is perfect as a fabric for dresses, wedding veils and delicate curtains. Embroidered tulle, on the other hand, allows you to create unique applications for an elegant skirt or blouse. Tulle is an extremely impressive material, but at the same time extremely delicate. Therefore, when choosing it, it is worth choosing a carefully made elastic mesh. Our fabric wholesaler in Poznań offers only materials from proven sources, good quality and durable. By placing an order in our online store, you can be sure that you will receive products of the best quality.

Tulle – material per meter at a favorable price

We create an online fabric shop for people who are looking for unique materials, with a variety of patterns and colors, but at a friendly price. So we try to search for materials that will meet all expectations of our customers. Thanks to this, you can easily order from us a perfectly arranged tulle embroidered with delivery to the indicated address. For those who are undecided, we have prepared a helpful solution – the possibility of ordering a sample of material for dresses for the house. This is a great way to check if the tulle from our online store suits your needs. The offer includes flexible nets made of natural silk, viscoseor polyamide – all excellent quality and imported from proven manufacturers.

Glamorous tulle and grid creations

Tulle – embroidered, embroidered, smooth or with glitter – is a very interesting materialthat allows you to create many attractive designs. Due to its popularity it is available in different weights, colors and patterns. The rigid mesh is perfect for sewing a veil, a veil, or a layered skirt. Tulle embroidered, on the other hand, is great for dresses, wedding dresses or elegant blouses. In addition to sewing clothes, tulle is often also used as decorative materials. This fabric really gives you a lot of tailoring possibilities. You can use it to sew m.in.:

  • wedding dress,
  • layered skirt,
  • Curtains
  • decoration of the table.

See the available tulle patterns and colors in our warehouse and design the most beautiful creations right now!

Fabrics not only for dresses

Our shop offers not only soft, flexible tulle per meter, but also many other high-quality fabrics. We also have m.in:

All products are high-quality fabrics, which are perfect for sewing clothes or interior fittings. We have created a wholesaler where fashion and tailoring enthusiasts will find exclusive materials imported from m.in. from Italy and France. The extensive assortment is our priority, so you can easily order both soft tulle with glitter and universal cotton. Take a look at our offer and choose the most beautiful materials!