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Velvet and Velour

Velvet is a pleasant to the touch material, woven from natural fibers such as cotton, silk or wiskoza. Perfect for evening creations and decorative curtains. Both velvet and velour are plush fabrics, making them soft and appreciated in the interior design industry. Our fabric wholesaler in Poznan imports high-quality materials from Italy, Spain and France, which you can buy in a physical store or online. We offer, among other things, silk velvet for meters and patterned velour – exclusive materials successfully used for sewing jackets, vests, coats and skirts and dresses. They look great, so they are increasingly used in tailoring.

What is the difference between velvet and veluru?

style="text-align: justify;" Velvet is a material often confused with veil – for good reason, because the fabrics are extremely similar visually. The difference, on the other hand, is due to the length of the hair cover, which in the case of veluru is shorter, giving the effect of a thinner material than velvet. Velvet, on the other hand, is a slightly thicker (and sticky) fabric, but covered with a pleasant bower, which is responsible for its popularity in the interior design industry. Clothes made of velvet, once inaccessible to most people, today are perfect not only during evening outs, but also in everyday stylizations – without losing nobility.

How to use velvet per meter?

Velvet belongs to fabrics that are perfectly found in interior design – accessories with its use warm the space, giving it a cozy character with a touch of luxury. Velour can be used as a material for a pillowcase or beautiful curtains in an intense color. The meatiness of velvet allows you to get a glamorous styling, regardless of the style in which the room is decorated – the key to success, of course, is moderation. Velour will also work well as a cover for upholstered furniture,although it is necessary to remember to take care of the fabric, thanks to which the furniture will give back a noble appearance.

Where to order decorative velvet?

Izpol is a professional online fabric shopwhere you will find not only cotton velvet or velour, but also other materials such as cotton, silk satin and natural silk – available in unique patterns and colors, which we source exclusively from proven sources. The velvet photos per meter, which are on the website, were taken with extraordinary careto 100% reflect the character of the fabrics. This allows you to freely decide which pattern to order – you don't have to worry about disappointment. However, if contact with the material is important to you (which we understand perfectly), you can order a sample of silk velvet with delivery to the address indicated. It's the easiest way to see if a fabric is the only one!