Tailoring patterns

Cut sweatshirt Magda Ineedle

On the basis of this pattern you will sew an always fashionable and always necessary sweatshirt for both trousers and a sports skirt. the sweatshirt has long, raglan sleeves, it is straight, but not very wide, with a length reaching a bit behind the waist. The neckline under the neck, sleeves and the bottom of the sweatshirt is finished with a welt – you can easily get a welt fabric in haberdashery and fabric stores. The sweatshirt may have a pocket on the front – depending on your preferences


Cut for Agnes Ineedle dress

Cut into a light, airy dress, which, depending on our preferences, you can easily modify in sizes 34-44.

Agnes allows you to sew a dress with three types of sleeves:

  • long, straight gently fitted
  • long with a gentle ruffle at the shoulders
  • long and slightly wrinkled at the wrists

Sewing cut for skirt Florence Ineedle

On the basis of the pattern of Florence's skirt, you will sew a skirt with an indoor zipper at the back and a ruffle around the waist. The wrinkling effect is achieved thanks to the folds of the so-called "overlaps", which, thanks to the fact that they are quite wide, softly adapt to the figure without causing the effect of thickening.


Cut for Simon Ineedle's cigarillo pants

Cut into women's long trousers with a cut similar to cigarillos. They go perfectly with flat shoes, but they look sensational in combination with high heels. This is an excellent model that can not be missing in your wardrobe.

A clear, colorful cut will help you sew classic women's pants in size from 34 to 46.


Cut for women's blouse Anna Ineedle

Cut into a classic, basic blouse that fits everything and depending on the material from which we sew it, it can be more elegant or everyday. A simple and very legible cut will help you sew two types of basic blouse; with long or short sleeves in size from 34 to 44.


Cut for a women's blouse Kate Ineedle

Cut into a very simple to sew kimono blouse, which, depending on our needs and preferences, we can freely modify.

On the basis of this one pattern, you can sew several different, loose blouses, i.e.:

  • one-color blouse with short sleeves
  • two-color blouse with neck, short sleeves and pocket
  • one-color blouse with long sleeves, pocket and elongated bottom
  • two-color blouse with neck, long sleeves and longer bottom

There are a lot of possibilities. You can confidently combine one-color material with patterned fabrics, giving the blouse an everyday or more elegant character. The cut for Kate's blouse allows you to sew it in size from 34 to 46.


Cut for women's golf Elizabeth Ineedle

Cut into a classic and very fashionable turtleneck, which will be a perfect complement to everyday styling. A clear, colorful cut will help you sew a classic sweater with a turtleneck in size from 34 to 46. Golf Elizabeth has long raglan sleeves that we can gently modify and on the basis of one pattern create a turtleneck with straight or bell sleeves. Golf has a loose cut, which makes you feel very comfortable and at ease in it.


Cut for Demi Ineedle sweatpants

Cut into long sweatpants with a universal cut and medium. Perfect for casual weekend gatherings.

A simple and colorful cut will help you sew classic sweatpants in size from 34 to 44. Demi pants are gently fitted in the hips and legs. They are finished with welts and have side pockets. You can sew them from both smooth and patterned materials. They will be perfect for weekend and sports trips.


Cut for Maggie Ineedle dress

The "Maggie Dress" cut allows you to sew two basically completely different dresses, but both models provide for the use of a zipper at the back.

– dress in Model A: it is a loose dress with a simple form with pockets on the sides,

– dress in Model B: this is a classic and universal waisted dress.


Cut for overalls with Stephani Ineedle neckline

Cut into a jumpsuit with an envelope neckline and long legs, which will work in both elegant and everyday stylizations. A clear, colorful cut will help you sew the original suit in size from 34 to 44.

On the basis of one blank, you can sew two versions of the suit. The first model has a fitted cut with a cut at the waist and a V-neckline. In addition, it is tied with a thin stripe in the color of the suit, which perfectly emphasizes the qualities of the figure. The sleeves are long, narrow and sewn lower. The legs are straight with a length of about 3/4. The second model of the suit differs from the first by sleeves, which are short and drooping, and an elastic band is sewn into the waist that emphasizes the figure.


Sophie Ineedle bomber jacket cut

Cut into a comfortable bomber sweatshirt, perfect for everyday wear or for special occasions

A simple and very legible cut will help you sew a zippered sweatshirt with a free cut in size from 34 to 44. Sophie's sweatshirt is of medium length, has raglan sleeves, is fastened with a zipper and finished with a welt (at the neck, at the bottom and at the sleeves). In addition, the design of the sweatshirt assumes two recessed pockets on the sides. A big plus of this design are raglan sleeves, which, firstly, are easier to sew than traditional ones, and secondly, they very nicely optically round the shoulders. Use a pleasant to the touch fabric or knitwear in a fashionable pattern and wear a sweatshirt with both trousers and a skirt.


Cut for women's jacket Victoria I needle

Cut into a fashionable, waist-emphasizing jacket / jacket, which will be the perfect finish for both everyday and more classic stylizations. You can wear the Victoria jacket with trousers, skirts and even dresses. A perfectly rearranged and described cut will help you sew a Victoria jacket in size from 34 to 46. The fashionable Victoria jacket has a simple cut, a length reaching to the hip area and a long sleeve. It is fastened with a delicate, practically invisible hook. Side cuts gently emphasize the waist, which gives the effect of refining the figure.


Cut into a simple women's coat Alice Ineedle

Cut into a classic, simple women's coat with a shawl collar, the cut of which fits every female figure. A clear, colorful cut will help you sew a classic coat in size from 34 to 44. Alice's coat has a loose cut, a shawl collar and is tied at the waist. The sleeves are sewn lower and taper downwards. The coat has two sewn pockets.


Sewing cut for Jackie I Needle jacket

Based on the blank "Jackie Jacket" you can sew a jacket in two forms:

Model A- jacket with stand-up collar,

Model B – jacket with a round finish under the neck.

Jackie jacket is a classic simple jacket cut, with a length reaching slightly below the waist with a sleeve length of 3/4. The jacket is fastened with three or four buttons, which can be more or less decorative. The jacket presented in the picture has two small pockets.

Sizes 34-44 with size chart