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Jacquard linings

Signed yellow lining

Italian viscose lining in yellow, signed with the name of the well-known Fashion House. Soft fabric with a smooth weave, with a slight shine. Perfect for lining a costume, jacket, jacket or coat. Composition: 100% viscose

When you sew jackets, jackets and other outerwear, jacquard linings are extremely important. Although in general the outer side of the coat is not visible, it is worth paying attention to it. Fabric for lining must therefore not only be durable and pleasant to the touch, but also should look aesthetically pleasing. Smooth lining fabric will work well for this purpose, but the linings in patterns look very good. Both are offered by our fabric wholesaler in Poznań.

Jacquard linings – what materials do we make them from in our warehouse?

We know very well how important the material for jacquard lining is. This element has an impact on the comfort of wearing clothing and on the overall appearance. That is why our online fabric store offers jacquard linings made of the highest quality materials. Some of them are made of acetate, cellulose fiber, which perfectly absorbs moisture and is well breathable. Jacquard silk linings are also willingly chosen by customers. They are great for lining skirts, dresses or coats. Jacquard viscose linings are also very practical. They are perfect for finishing costumes, jackets or jackets. Jacquard lining fabric made of polyester is great for elegant vests and all kinds of jackets.