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Smooth linings

If you plan to make your perfect dress, smooth lining fabric is a material that will be very useful to you. This element of the outfit is very important and is not worth skipping. Therefore, the material for smooth lining should be of the best quality. So it's best to buy it at proven points, such as our online fabric store.

Fabric for lining smooth – how to choose it?

Smooth linings are an element of creation that we usually do not pay so much attention to. However, they are necessary if we want to extend the life of clothes, so the fabric for smooth lining should be selected as best as possible to the outer part of the garment in terms of the fiber and color used. Our fabric wholesaler in Poznan offers a wide selection of materials, so you will choose the perfect fabric for your work.

Smooth viscose linings are perfect for skirts and dresses made of the same material. They are pleasant and soft, in addition, they are great for air permeable. Smooth silk linings are great for light dresses. They are also very practical – I don't get as fast as cotton, for example. Jacquard linings fit perfectly with winter warm skirts.

Also pay attention to the color. White lining will perfectly fit into bright creations. For dark clothes, a black lining will work better.