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Smooth knitwear

Wool jersey - camellia

Italian jersey knitted fabric in camel color woven in 98% camel wool and 2% polyamide. Knitted fleshy, double (on the left side in light beige color), elastic - it can be sewn on both sides. SUPER SPECIES!!!!!

If you are looking for the right material to sew a dress or sweater, smooth cotton knitwear is a material that will perfectly fit your needs. It is an ideal base for creating original clothes, as well as stylish accessories for the apartment. Smooth knitwear should be of the best quality so that it does not rub or wash at the beginning of use. That is why we recommend buying it at a professional point such as our fabric wholesaler in Poznan.

Smooth cotton knitwear – a wide range of possibilities

One-color knitwear is a material that is suitable for sewing most clothes. Unlike fabric, it is made of one or several threads that merge into characteristic eyelets. Depending on your needs, you can choose in types, colors or types of fibers. One-color cotton knitwear is an excellent choice for most clothes that require frequent washing. A shirt made of this material will be resistant to stretching and abrasion. Viscose knitwear with elastane will be perfect for turtlenecks or dresses. Clothes sewn from it are lighter and more airy than cotton, but unfortunately they are easier for me. To make warm covers for the winter, a smooth sweater knitwear will be the most suitable. A huge room for maneuver is also given by knitted fabrics in patterns, which also has in the assortment of our online fabric store.