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Izpol is a wholesaler of exclusive and cotton materials in Poznań, thanks to which you have access to unique high-quality fabrics. We offer natural silk, precisely made lace, pleasant to the touch cotton or taffeta perfect for creating evening creations. Careful selection of tailoring materials means that you can easily order high-quality fabrics in fashionable patterns. Our fabric and knitwear wholesaler is located near the center of Poznań, in the atmospheric Old Mill, but we also sell online.

A good wholesale of sewing materials is primarily an offer full of high-quality cotton and luxury fabrics. Whether you sew clothes for yourself or design creations for customers, you have the right to expect quality and beautiful designs. We are a family wholesaler of online fabrics and we focus on quality in the first place, thanks to which we exclude less attractive and unstable materials. In Poznan there is a stationary store, where you will receive support from experienced staff and personally check materials such as silk satin. We have also prepared a proposal for people who are not able to visit us. The online fabric store is a well-developed photos and descriptions that 100% reflect reality and the possibility of ordering free samples. Our wholesale of tailoring materials is a nod to real fashion.

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How to care for cashmere clothes?

Cashmere is an extremely noble material that impresses with its properties and durability. Like wool, it is ideal for sewing outerwear, but in the form of knitwear, as a great material for sweaters, cardigans and underwear elements such as socks.

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Materials ideal for autumn

Autumn is coming, and thus jackets, coats, sweaters or thicker shirts with long sleeves are returning to use. Of course, the weather in autumn can be unpredictable. Right next to the relatively warm days, they suddenly appear significantly cooler.

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Types of knitted fabrics and their use

As autumn approaches, the days get shorter and colder. This means that we need warmer clothes, and for them a great material is knitwear. They are slightly different from fabrics, but they have their advantages – they are elastic, stretchy, airy and very soft.

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Stylish knitwear

Inspirations from the fashion of the seventies and nineties of the last century brought a lively interest in knitwear, in particular sweater, with a visible structure and with an openwork weave. Knitted materials, however, are present in our clothing not only in the form of sweaters and cardigans, but also dresses, t-shirts and – especially those elastic, soft and comfortable.

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